Non-religious funerals

Many people prefer to choose a funeral service with little or no religious content. The non-religious funeral ceremony tends to focus on celebrating a loved one’s life, personality and achievements as an alternative way to say goodbye.

Where can non-religious funerals be held?

A non-religious funeral ceremony can take place at a crematorium or cemetery chapel, natural burial site or in a non-religious venue such as a parish hall or hotel. Services may also be conducted in our reflection room or even in your own home.

Who can conduct a non-religious or part-religious funeral?

Anyone can conduct a non-religious ceremony, including family or friends, however you may prefer to use a non-religious celebrant. The funeral celebrant will meet with you to learn more about your loved one, helping you choose appropriate music, poetry and readings to personalise the funeral service.

Lines Bannister can help you find a suitable officiant to conduct the funeral to meet your family’s needs:

  • Humanist Celebrant

A Humanist Celebrant offers alternative ceremonies for those that are not religious.

For more information, including example funeral readings and suggested order of ceremony visit the British Humanist Association.

  • Civil Funeral Celebrant

A Civil Funeral Celebrant will include religious material as well as carrying out non-religious ceremonies, according to each family’s requirements.

For more information visit The Institute of Civil Funerals.